Meet The Intern: Chris Wichlac

Prairie State is excited to welcome Chris Wichlac as our Mechanical Engineering Intern this summer!

Chris attends the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), where he studies mechanical engineering. He developed this interest because of family involvement; his cousins, uncles, and grandpa have all been involved in the field.

At UIUC, Chris has done volunteer work with the college of engineering. He has previously worked at a custard store, and one of his favorite foods is Oikos yogurt.

“I really liked the idea of working at a large-scale power plant. I found it especially cool that the coal was mined on-site,” mentioned Chris. “I am really looking forward to building my engineering skills; I think I will be able to learn skills here that I could never learn in a classroom.”

While he is still in the process of figuring out his career goals, Chris will return to UIUC this fall to continue his junior year of studies.