Intern Check-In:  Chris Couch

Intern Check-In: Chris Couch

Mechanical engineering intern Chris Couch has spent his summer at Prairie State working with engineers at the power plant to develop solutions that will improve efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Couch has been involved in multiple engineering projects throughout the power plant.  One of his duties has been to use 3-D modeling software to create engineering tools and equipment that fits t… More
Intern Check-In:  John Park

Intern Check-In: John Park

Electrical maintenance intern John Park has spent his summer at Prairie State learning from hands-on maintenance tasks. Park has been performing daily work orders on electrical equipment.  His tasks have been necessary to prolong the working life of this equipment. Park says this internship has given him a very in-depth experience in electrical maintenance.  “The distributed control system … More
Intern Check-In:  Mooketsi Selelo

Intern Check-In: Mooketsi Selelo

Mining intern Mooketsi Selelo has spent his summer at Prairie State involved with important mining operations. Selelo has worked mostly with the ventilation crew and the belt crew; they have constructed walls, built air flow regulators, and repaired belts.  He has also done air quantity calculations to ensure proper air flow underground. Selelo has learned a lot about the operational side of t… More
Intern Check-In:  Amelia Coyne

Intern Check-In: Amelia Coyne

Information technology intern Amelia Coyne has spent her summer at Prairie State supporting users, providing operating assistance, and learning about different areas of IT. Coyne has been involved with the help desk to assist employees with technological problems.  She has also learned about network infrastructure, servers, and the importance of redundant systems. Her thoughts on the field of … More
Intern Check-In:  Evan Langley

Intern Check-In: Evan Langley

Mechanical engineering intern Evan Langley has spent his summer at Prairie State working with an engineering team to make improvements throughout the plant. Langley has been working to make outages more efficient.  He has also been involved in structural design to determine if any additions or improvements can be made. This internship has improved his view on mechanical engineering.  Langley … More