Here you’ll find more information about some of the pre-employment testing that Prairie State uses to assess potential mineworkers. The mine test battery is administered in one sitting, and lasts about two hours. We recommend taking a practice test to help yourself prepare.

The testing battery will include:

  • Attention to Detail Test – This test assesses your ability to see differences in small details in figures.
  • Visual Speed and Accuracy Test – This test requires you to determine similarities or differences in pairs of numbers.
  • Numerical Reasoning Test – This test measures your ability to determine relationships or patterns in a series of numbers.
  • Mechanical Concepts: Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test – This test assesses basic comprehension of mechanical principles, including leverage, rotation, momentum, and flow.
  • Industrial Reading Test – This test assesses your ability to quickly read, understand, and interpret written material.

If you’re interested in a power plant job, that will require a different set of tests. Learn about power plant testing.