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March 28, 2014

Peabody Energy Launches Advanced Energy for Life Campaign

From The Advanced Energy for Life Pressroom

Peabody Energy recently launched the “Advanced Energy for Life” campaign to raise awareness and support to end global energy poverty, increase access to low-cost electricity and improve emissions using today’s advanced clean coal technologies. The “Advanced Energy for Life” campaign will work to educate and mobilize world leaders, multi-national organizations, a wide range of institutions and stakeholders, and the general public to:

1) End the crisis of global energy poverty, which affects half the world’s population and leads to crippling impacts to human health, standards of living and damage to the environment;

2) Drive policies and support actions that increase access to reliable, low-cost power – particularly today’s advanced coal technologies – that extends lives, builds economies and improves both natural and indoor environments; and

3) Employ today’s advanced technologies to reduce key power plant emissions. Longer term, pursue greater development of next-generation technologies and the regulatory framework to capture, use and store carbon dioxide emissions.

Core elements of the “Advanced Energy for Life” campaign are a digitally-based education program highlighting the widespread benefits of inexpensive energy access and the vital role coal-fueled electricity can play in solving the world’s energy issues; a research institute that will develop and distribute studies and policy-oriented intellectual capital; and direct outreach to governments, institutions and other stakeholders toward actions that increase energy access and expand the development and use of advanced technologies. Prairie State is highlighted within the campaign's website as an "environmental success story" and "the model of advanced coal technology at work."

To read more and learn how you can join the campaign, visit