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September 8, 2014

Increased Demand for Illinois Coal

From Bloomberg News:

Demand for Illinois Basin coal climbed last year to the highest level since 1990 as sales of nearby Appalachian coal dipped and consumption of the product from Power River Basin mines in Wyoming grew at a slower pace.

"Illinois basin coal has greater sulfur content than the other coals, and either costs less or has a higher heat content, meaning it's sought after by utilities forced to install scrubbers in their power plants by a succession of federal laws and Environmental Protection Agency rules. Its share of U.S. production will climb 20 percent by 2040 from 13 percent currently, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Coal demand for electricity generation will increase 2.8 percent to 882.2 million tons from 2013, the Energy Department's statistical arm said in its August 12 Short-Term Energy Outlook."

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