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June 23, 2014

Coal Education Conference Tour

Each year educators from across the state attend the Annual Coal Education Conference at the Rend Lake Resort in Whittington, Illinois. The goal of the conference is to give teachers the knowledge and learning tools to incorporate first-hand information concerning coal mining to electric power generation, as well as other uses of coal into their energy lesson plans. After participating in the conference, teachers have overwhelmingly agreed that they have gained a greater understanding of and respect for this abundant mineral and the industry's economic impact on mining regions of the state.

During the four-day conference, participants take one day to tour a surface mine, an underground mine and a power plant that burns Illinois coal using clean coal technology. Prairie State was thrilled to welcome two groups of teachers from the conference to campus for an underground mine and power plant tour.

Pictured above are the Coal Education Conference participants before their underground mine tour at Prairie State.