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September 23, 2014

Prairie State Presents to the Paducah Power Board

September 23, 2014

Prairie State Presents to the Paducah Power Board

Prairie State Generating Company (Prairie State) leadership updated the Paducah Power Board this evening with its action plan to improve reliability and manage costs for its Participant-Owners. A power generating campus, Prairie State is concentrated on providing stable power to its 9 Participant-Owners, of which Kentucky Municipal Power Agency (KMPA) and its members, Paducah and Princeton, own a share. Once the power is generated, KMPA, with Paducah and Princeton, manage transmission, delivery, debt management and rate setting of the power to its members.

During the last six months, Prairie State has changed its campus leadership and its strategy to improve reliability to its power plant. It has added Randy Short, a 25-year veteran of the Illinois power industry, as its new Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Short is an accomplished and experienced power plant expert. In addition to being an engineer, Mr. Short holds his Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Illinois. Mr. Short joins Paul Krivokuca, Prairie State’s Senior Vice President of Mining, a 40-year veteran of the coal mining industry, who has been with Prairie State since 2008. Marc Gerken, Prairie State’s Chairman of the Management Committee and interim Chief Executive Officer, assumed his role in early September. A national leader within Public Power, Mr. Gerken is the long-time President and CEO of Prairie State’s largest Participant-Owner, American Municipal Power (AMP), out of Columbus, Ohio.

In May, Prairie State launched its national search for a new Chief Executive Officer and President. The initial interviews have occurred and the Management Committee is pleased with the quality of the candidates. The Prairie State team remains confident in its path toward progress and is assured that the 2015 forecast is based upon reliable and well studied data.

Located in Washington County, Illinois, the Prairie State Energy Campus is technologically-advanced mine-mouth, electric generation facility, utilizing domestic Illinois coal resources to power its 1600 MW power plant. Prairie State’s owners, which represent 10 percent of public power, invested more than $1 billion in environmental emissions control equipment, placing Prairie State’s power plant among the top 10 cleanest plants in the nation. For more information, please visit our website:

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