NEARLY 7 MILLION TONS of coal mined annually.

of power.


families with electricity every day.


in economic activity contributed annually.

invested in the Best Available Control Technology (BACT).


PSEC is setting the standard for clean energy production.

The Future of Energy...Now!

Prairie State Energy Campus represents an important step in helping to create a sustainable and secure energy future for this country. It utilizes domestic coal resources and deploys clean generation technologies to produce electricity in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Located in Washington County, Illinois, Prairie State Energy Campus includes a coal-fired generating plant and adjacent coal mine. The facility generates 1,600 MWs of power, with 100 percent of the output dedicated to nine Midwestern-based public power utilities.

The Prairie State Energy Campus is a technologically advanced electric generation facility, owned by nine non-profit utilities that are committed to providing clean, reliable and affordable base-load power to hundreds of local communities in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. Its combined design efficiencies mean Prairie State will significantly improve our industry's environmental profile by replacing existing, less-efficient power plants.

Community Based Energy Solutions

  • The cooperatives and public power companies that own Prairie State are accountable to the consumers and local governments they serve. These utilities are already engaged in renewable energy projects and effective energy efficiency programs.

Next Step - a Clean Energy Future

  • Prairie State is part of a balanced energy portfolio that can help us transition to lower intensity carbon generation. Prairie State's state-of-the-art air quality control systems make it among the cleanest power plants of its kind in the country for regulated pollutants.
  • New supercritical power plants, like Prairie State, significantly improve the environment by displacing existing, less-efficient power plants.
  • Prairie State's ultra-efficient design means its carbon dioxide emissions will be significantly less than the typical U.S. coal plant.
  • The coal used to power Prairie State is derived from an adjacent underground mine, which eliminates the carbon dioxide emissions associated with coal transported from elsewhere.

Ensuring Electric Reliability

According to the Midwest ISO, PSEC’s Regional Transmission Organization, long-term electric demand forecasts remain strong even though the economy has slowed. Experts agree, new base-load capacity generation is essential to meeting increased demand. As part of a balanced portfolio approach, Prairie State can help us reliably meet growing energy demands, increase energy independence and stimulate our economy.

Providing Affordable Energy

Prairie State allows its owners the ability to secure more than 30 years worth of coal reserves in advance, thus ensuring its customers steady, affordable rates for decades to come.