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The Kirkwood fire department benefits from revenue generated by the city's power strategy.

Illinois Municipal Power Agency

The Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency (NIMPA) was established by a group of Illinois cities that furnish retail electric service to the public through municipally owned electric utilities. NIMPA jointly develops electric energy generation projects that their member communities would not otherwise be able to develop on their own.

Geneva, Illinois

Taking control of their destiny.

The quiet town of Geneva, Illinois, is situated on the Fox River, 40 miles from Chicago, where 20,000 commuters take the train to the windy city every day. Over the years, the city has grown from a quaint river town to a flourishing community with a vibrant downtown, and historic homes and businesses, making it a highly desirable place to live.

"Our history is one of independence – we've always owned our own utility," said Kevin Burns, mayor of Geneva. "Partnering with Prairie State allows us to take control of our own destiny. It's a long-term investment for the next 30 years."

Having a fixed price makes it easier to budget for other city operations, such as snow removal or street work. "We can expand capacity as needed," said Burns. "It's a balanced portfolio with Prairie State the anchor to our energy needs."

"Prairie State was affordable, secure, and the cleanest coal-producing energy of its kind," said Burns. "For economical and reliable energy, Prairie State is the best solution."