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Utility and plant officials in Princeton, Kentucky work together to improve system reliability and safety.

Kentucky Municipal
Power Agency

The Kentucky Municipal Power Agency delivers affordable and reliable electric power to customers, while keeping in mind a responsibility to the environment. KMPA helps its members in planning, construction and operation of new energy facilities, as well as joint purchases, sales and exchanges of electric power.

Princeton, Kentucky

Called reliable for a reason.

Located just 48 miles east of Paducah, Kentucky, Princeton Electric Plant Board chose to purchase power from Prairie State in order to lock in the cost of electricity with the fixed cost of coal, providing more stable rates for its customers. Although over three-fourths of those customers are residential, it's Princeton Electric's partnership with a manufacturing company that really put its name to the test.

The Bremner Food Group manufactures cookies and crackers, employing 600 at its plant in Princeton. When Bremner had a problem with the power shutting off about once a week, the company experienced a significant amount of lost raw materials and labor. "It turned out they were tripping off the high-side fuses on our transformers," said John Humphries, general manager of the Princeton Electric Plant Board. "They couldn't continue to operate like that, and we couldn't continue to buy transformers."

Utility and plant officials worked together to improve reliability, and now the power almost never goes off at Bremner's plant. Even though the cause of the outage problem has been eliminated, Princeton Electric continues to work on improving system reliability and safety. As a result, Bremner has decided to expand operations in Princeton.

"Princeton Electric has improved rates and improved economic development in the area," said Humphries. "We have a good story to tell, and part of that includes reliable power."